ADS Rocket Launcher Deal

Atlantic Diving Supply Inc. Rocket Launcher Deal

When in combat it is important to have weapons that can be used against tanks, buildings and other hard objects. Sometimes the soldier may only have the opportunity to use portable weapons. That is when the rocket launcher plays its role. The Rocket launcher is a portable weapon that can provide the power needed against those hard targets. Newer models of the rocket launcher have been improved and can be fired within enclosed spaces. Previous models posed a threat to the soldier in enclosed spaces due to the back blast. The U.S Defense Department has made a deal with Atlantic Diving Supply Inc. for 17.6 million dollars over a current contract for 425 SWAM Mod 2 Rocket Launchers which will run through September 2018.

These newer model rocket launchers Can be equipped with the necessary warheads needed to attack those hard targets. They can also be equipped to serve their secondary role which is as an anti-tank weapon. Whether you need to attack a building or destroy a tank the shoulder launched rocket launcher provides the support needed. There are also attachments that can be fitted onto the rocket launcher. The rocket launcher is an assault weapon so any added accuracy can be useful. They can be used when the soldier needs to attack a building or a person inside a building. Many times the targets are located inside buildings and are hard to get to. The rocket launcher allows for the soldier to attack the building with a strong blast rather than a regular bullet. They can also equip the rocket launcher with the needed warheads for those hard targets, which have been used in current wars and have been known capable of collapsing buildings.

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